Sonic earns his LCX!

We travelled to Falcon, Colorado to attend the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club AKC lure coursing trials hosted at the Zoiboyz Ranch owned by Tom & KC Golcher. Sonic dominated on Saturday, winning Best of Breed over an entry of 10 Greyhounds for a 5pt major to finish his AKC Lure Courser of Excellence title. Earning titles past an FC and SC is a rare thing in Greyhounds, for a variety of reasons, so for Sonic to have earned both his Master Courser and Lure Courser of Excellence titles at just past three years of age is a phenomenal achievement that shows how athletic and durable he is, and how dedicated we are to getting him out against strong competition to really prove his worth. Competing with

USRCC Memorial Day trials

Last spring, Sonic wowed us by winning back-to-back BIFs at the USRCC Memorial Day weekend... and this year he did it again!!! He won Best of Breed on Saturday for a 5pt major, then went on to win Best In Field in a very impressive runoff. Phoenix ran in the Open stake, but having just come out of season she is going through a hormonal false pregnancy and was not running competitively. She will spend the summer showing and running LGRA and we will try her on the lure coursing field later, once she has matured more and (hopefully) has better focus. We rested Sonic on Sunday so that I could focus on my apprentice judging and huntmaster duties, but Monday morning Sonic was raring and ready to g

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