Last trials of 2017!

Sonic and Phoenix got to make the relatively easy trip to Chino, CA for the So Cal Coursing year end trials on December 29 and 30, not really looking for anything but a few fun days in the California sunshine with our running buddies and Greyhound friends, and we sure did have fun! Sonic won back to back Best of Breed on Friday and Saturday to finish out his amazing year with a few more rosettes and points to pin on his ever-growing wall of wins. Casey got to slip Phoenix for the first time on Friday, and while she had a great start, she showed us that without a doubt she's just not that interested in lure coursing. Which is just fine, she loves amateur racing!

2017 AKC National Lure Coursing Championship

Sonic and I had a solo road trip to the 2017 NLCC in Limestone, TN at the gorgeous property owned and lovingly prepared for coursing by Eddie and Selma Kominek. The fields were beautiful mown hay, with some wicked terrain that really challenged the agility and endurance of all the hounds. Sonic ran amazingly well on Saturday's difficult and technically demanding course, and won the Field Champion stake by a sizeable margin. The Best of Breed runoff was the most exciting course of the day, but the judges chose to award the Open dog the win. Sunday's course was much more 'speed' focused, with gently rolling terrain and some great long straightaways to showcase follow and endurance. Sonic pushe

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