In search of Easter Bunnies

Sonic, Phoenix and I trekked down to Camarillo, California for a double-header weekend of two AKC trials and two ASFA Greyhound specialties. This was Sonic's first time running on super slick playground turf, and believe it or not we both prefer the rougher natural terrain that we usually run on! He still turned out some good runs, winning BOB in both AKC and ASFA trials on Saturday, 2nd in the ASFA Open stake and BOB from the FCh stake in Sunday's trials. He has now earned half of the points and all of the placements he needs to attain an ASFA Field Championship, and he picked up more points towards his LCX and MC titles too.

Phoenix also got to get a tiny taste of the 'bunnies' for the first time, and she was WILD! I think she's going to grow up to be a keen, intense courser like her grandma Wicked and I am so proud of how well she did with all the travel and trial sights and sounds. She got walked around by other people, met many new dogs, stayed in hotels, and learned all about rest stop speed potty breaks.

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