Sonic wins another Best in Field!!

Sonic is ON FIRE this spring!! We woke up way, way before sunrise and made the 5 hour drive to Emmett, Idaho for the second day of SISFA's spring ASFA weekend, and the 3am wake up time was totally worth it! The weather was gorgeous, the footing was sound and Sonic was in high spirits. I was a little tired after working a full 6 day work week, but the nice thing about lure trials is that the dog does the hard work, right?

Sonic ran some tremendous courses, showing great speed and remarkable agility even when powering through some challenging turns. His big 'wow' moment was completely clearing a small irrigation ditch at the far end of the field in a single leap during his BIF run with a hot little Whippet and his kennel buddy Kit the Ibizan Hound. The judges were Kent Standerfield and Ann Chamberlain, both of whom sought me out to compliment me on Sonic's performances, especially once they learned that he hasn't even celebrated his second birthday yet! This puts him halfway towards the points required to finish his ASFA Field Championship, and he has earned all the placements he needs, not bad for his fourth ASFA trial ever.

The SISFA crew are always friendly and welcome us out of state exhibitors with warmth and good food on the field, and everyone has great sportsmanship - the trials may be small, but what they lack in sheer numbers they make up for in hospitality and cameraderie. On the way back home I stopped by a grocery store in Boise to grab Sonic a quick 'winner dinner' and decided to get him baby back ribs - as you can see he's way more interested in his tasty treat than those ribbons, which are MY trophy for his hard work today!

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