USRCC Memorial Day trials

Every year our local Utah Sighthounds Racing & Coursing Club hosts a long weekend of lure coursing trials over Memorial and Labor Day weekends. This past weekend we enjoyed two AKC trials on Saturday and Sunday, with an ASFA trial on Monday to wrap up the festivities. These trials are always a lot of fun, and while we may not pull the same entries as other parts of the country the competition is always intense and the club members who work the trials are some of the hardest workers you'll ever find. We have been volunteering with the club for eight years now, and it is always an honor to share the field with the awesome club members and their hot running hounds.

Sonic ran in the AKC trial on Saturday along with three other Greyhounds, and was awarded Best of Breed by judges Dan Heidel and Laura Young. He was up against an Ibizan Hound, Saluki, Ridgeback and Cirneco for Best in Field, and after the dust settled and scores were in, he was awarded the win!!

We chose to rest him on Sunday after he suffered a lineburn in a tender area during the BIF run, but Monday morning he was raring to go again and the ASFA trial had the largest Greyhound entry of the weekend, with all six competitors having BIF wins to their credit. Sonic performed beautifully and had the highest combined score of the trial coming off of finals, and his Best of Breed and Best in Field runs were breathtaking to watch. The judges were impressed enough to award him Best in Field again over some strong competition, and I couldn't be prouder of my boy!!

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