2016 Grand National

The ASFA Grand National is one of the longest (if not THE longest) lure coursing event in the history of the sport, and I could hardly wait for Sonic to get the chance to compete for top honors against the finest running hounds in the western US. He ran beautifully on Friday and won Best of Breed after running off with two of his siblings, Strider and Scorch. By winning BOB, Sonic got to compete in the Grand National Best in Event runoff, one of the most physically demanding lure coursing events in the entire country -- a single course of more than 1300 yards. I was so proud and humbled as I watched him give a breathtaking performance, showing that he had speed, bravery and endurance enough to rival any hound in attendance. I had tears in my eyes when I picked him up at the end of his 1300+ yard run, that's how moved I was by his tremendous effort. He was reserve best in event, placing just ONE point off the winner (three judges' combined score). I am so so so proud of my boy, and so grateful for the advice and support I have received from Kim and all of my other friends as I have prepared him for this fall. We have many adventures planned in the next few months, so the best is yet to come!!

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