2017 ASFA International Invitational

Sonic and I joined a local friend on a long, crazy journey to Bainbridge, Georgia for the 2017 ASFA International Invitational. It was a 3-day drive from Utah to Georgia, and we got to travel in high style in a beautiful 36' motor home - a first for us! We have never travelled that far south, and I had high hopes for a good weekend of competition. Sonic easily won the Field Champion stake on Saturday, and earned the privilege to represent our breed in the Gillette Stakes runoff, a special II Best in Field style event for dogs that are conformation champions AND ASFA Field Champions. It was his fourth run of the day on incredibly challenging rolling fields, and he gave everything he had in that last run. I was very proud of his incredible endurance and heart, since he blew pads on his rear feet in the very first turn of a 900+ yard run, but a very deserving little Basenji was awarded the win on that day.

Because of his blown pads, he did not get to run the second day - but not a single Greyhound managed to make it through the weekend without similar injury, and he had run more than any of them just on Saturday, so while I was sad not to see him finish out the weekend, I am proud of what he accomplished.

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