Introducing the Shades of Blue litter!!

Silver officially went into labor late on Sunday, August 26th, and by the evening of August 27th she had delivered 12 beautiful pups, 6 males and 6 females. The majority are bluebrindle just like mom and dad, but we have 3 particolor boys and 3 (possibly 4, still a little early to tell on the really dark girl) bluefawn girls. Eleven of the twelve are thriving, but we do have one tiny dude who is getting some extra attention. He was a difficult breech birth and we had to work pretty hard to get him breathing well, and even harder to get him to suckle, so he gets supplemental feedings to help keep that tiny belly full so he can grow.

Silver is being a wonderful mother, keeping her pups immaculately clean and well fed. As is to be expected, her appetite and drinking have increased exponentially, and she is enjoying as much quality food, goat's milk, mother's pudding and clean cool water as she desires.

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